The Chant of Dead

The new version of the game has arrived! we take a step closer to the true tone of the story. new graphics, new options for our protagonist in a world that becomes increasingly dark and dangerous if you neglect.

A dark and tenebrous world that mixes eroticism with terror in a story that gradually lead our protagonist to unexpected endings.

Version 0.72

  Added 5 new animations 

  Added 6 new scenes 

   - 2 new scenes in the Drunk outside event

   - 4 new scenes in the Main Inn (seduction to the young guest)         (one for work day)

   Added 6 new character images.

  Now the Drunk event can be repeated more than once.

  New Work added (street whore) 

     (development of the drunk outside event).

  Fixed event in the main inn, (image of the innkeeper dont desappear).

  Fixed battle crash.

2 new scenes when you get drunk in the tavern  

1 new scene when you get druged in the tavern

1 new missions added


The Chant of Dead 0.86 B Patreon Version
Feb 28, 2019

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