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I allways get "game over" when I try to do the quest where you serve as bait to the orcs. As there are no guards I think. Can someone tell what I am missing? Thx

How do you actually uh, escape in the beginning?

You pick up the family dagger. Then you cant equip it. Then you get eaten by the zombies. Game over. Delete game. Literally cant escape the beginning.

I figured it out. You have to use your mouse to click on equipment lol.

is there a way to leave the camp? i just kept on working and stuff and everything was just the same. I'm confused. It says multiple of endings and stuff but i don't see a way. Help please

I keep getting the error "TypeError: Cannot read property '_mp' of null" and then the game crashes and I lose my saved slot. Can anyone help?

How do I access the card game or get the whore job? 

Hi bro, ok. buy a bottle of wine in the store or the strange type at night and direct the guards sitting on the campfire. you can only do it once there will be no repetition of the scene. for prostitute work, you need to get the character drunk at least 2 times go to the store below the common inn and talk to the man at the door. 

The inn that only costs 1 gold doesnt seem to let you actually rest... even with a rest ticket has v.75 patron for sale

the game freezes when  I select a dance option as a waitress. Any known solutions?

Was unable to open the .rar for this game. Is there a problem or a password required?

use win rar or 7z to open it